Water Heater Flush
Tank-less and Traditional

Water heaters need to periodically be flush to avoid a premature breakdown, hot water shortage problems and noise from the water heater.

What is a water heater flush?
This is when a plumbing technician from Southwest Plumbing comes out and drains all of the water out of your water heater and flushes out all the sediment that accumulates at the bottom of the tank.

This should be done at least once per year and in some cases 2 times per year. This of course depends on the usage of the unit and its location.

Sediment can start to build up inside the tank and can insulate the water from the burners. This forces your water heater to eventually overheat the water. As water overheats, it expands. The hotter the water gets, the more pressure builds up inside the tank and can cause it to burst a leak or worse.

Sediment build up can also cause there to be less hot water that can be created. If a 50 gallon water heater has 10 gallons of sediment, then now it only creates 40 gallons of hot water. Lots of usage in a house, less hot water creation.

Noises in your water heater are an indication of sediment in the tank. This issue is better to get taken care of as soon as possible. Gives us a call.

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