12 Point Inspection

Have you been wanting to get somed more info on your existing plumbing fixtures and faucets?

Curious how they are holding up?

Give us a call at Southwest Plumbing and we can schedule your 12 Point Plumbing inspection. Southwest Plumbing, also known as The Dependable Guys, know that having our 12 point inspection can catch possible issues that are currently small problems before they become EXTRA LARGE problems. That is what we designed our 12 Point Insepction for.

Our Checklist Includes:

  1. Pressure readings at water service
  2. Plastic Nut on Supply Toilet Line
  3. All Connections under sinks
  4. Water Heater connections
  5. Laundry connections
  6. Recirc Pumps programmed correctly
  7. Toilet Flappers
  8. Irrigation Valves
  9. Hose Bibs
  10. Pool Fill Valve
  11. Check all tub and shower faucets
  12. Check gas connections

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