Gas & Plumbing Leak Detection

Gas lines and Plumbing lines that leak are not good. They can cause health problems and loss of resources such as gas, water and money!

A Gas leak is very dangerous to the entire location of the leak. If you feel that there may be a leak of a gas line, such as you are feeling dizzy or getting headaches when at a location or smelling gas, contact a qualified professional immediately to handle the job. Our leak detection technicians are ready to step in and find the leak and get it repaired.

Plumbing leaks that deal with water can be dangerous to your health causing mold in your location and other damage to structures near the water leak such as floors and drywall. If you have a water leak or suspect you do, give us a call and we can get a leak detection technician to your location to find it and repair it.

Old water plumbing lines and gas lines are susceptible to rust, cracks and or breaks. Don’t take any chances have more damage or worse with gas lines. Give us a call today.

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