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Sewer Video Inspection

SEWER VIDEO INSPECTION & DIAGNOSIS Southwest Plumbing provides our customers with a unbiased diagnostic information as to the condition of sewer and drain lines. Our technicians perform thousands of video inspections a year, giving unparalleled Southwest Plumbing experience in the diagnosis of sewer and drain conditions. By sending our color video camera into the line, can detect Southwest Plumbing root intrusion, broken lines, foreign objects, low spots (a.k.a. sag or belly), and visible...

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Drain Cleaning

Southwest Plumbing handles all of your drain cleaning needs. We know what it’s like when you’ve got a clogged or broken drain and you need it fixed fast!  Clearing blocked drains or laying-in new pipe is one of our plumbing specialties.  Whatever the cause of your blockage, no matter where your pipe is clogged, damaged or broken, we will fix it fast and properly. These types of problems are all associated with a clogged drain line. Using the most up-to-date equipment in the plumbing...

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WAMPUM Conditioner Uses Biocera’s Patented Media

WAMPUM Water Conditioner works with Dr. Tag Jeon, a PhD and holder of numerous patents including the Bioceramic Medias he has designed and patented for his company Biocera. More information on this may be found at     Connect with us...

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What is a WAMPUM Catalytic Water Conditioner? The WAMPUM Water Conditioner is an inline catalytic water conditioner. It is neither a “water softener” nor a “water filter”. It can improve the condition of water for your entire property. The WAMPUM Water Conditioner is the natural, non-chemical solution for your hard water problems. The WAMPUM Water Conditioner  is Eco-Friendly virtually maintenance free and comes with a 10 Year Ltd. Warranty How does the  WAMPUM Water...

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How is the Quality of your Water?

HARD WATER? HERE’S AN EASY SOLUTION A Green Industry, No Salt, Water Saving Product A Completely NEW & DIFFERENT Approach to Water Conditioning! Here are just a few of the benefits to the Wampum Water Conditioner 1. Improves the taste of water. 2. Reduces existing scale and prevents new build-up in pipes and on water related equipment. 3. Washing machines and dish washers remain clean and scale free. 4. Stops hard water spotting on kitchen and bathroom fixtures while protecting...

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Do you need to hire a plumber to unclog your drain?

  When it comes to a clogged drain, the first thing people reach for is the bottle of some solution that may or may not work to unclog your drain. In some cases, this may help, however, with larger clogs, you may need to call in the professionals. A drain can be clogged for many reasons, and a simple liquid/gel solution may not do the trick, and will be money wasted. A clogged drain is one of the leading causes of damage to your home or property. At Southwest Plumbing, we have over 20...

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