How is the Quality of your Water?

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A Green Industry, No Salt, Water Saving Product
A Completely NEW & DIFFERENT Approach to Water Conditioning!

Here are just a few of the benefits to the Wampum Water Conditioner

1. Improves the taste of water.

2. Reduces existing scale and prevents new build-up in pipes and on water related equipment.

3. Washing machines and dish washers remain clean and scale free.

4. Stops hard water spotting on kitchen and bathroom fixtures while protecting your water heater from corrosion, adding years to its life.

5. Water saturates and cleans better while using less detergent. Outdoors: improve soil percolation, eliminate standing water and reduce salt loads in the soil for greener plants and shrubs.

6. Reduce hard water spotting on fences, landscape lighting, windows, walls, walkways, pool decks, misters, sprinklers and plants.

Please contact Southwest Plumbing today to get your WAMPUM WATER system installed. Your Water Quality will never be the same.

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