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backflowcage1 Backflow Enclosure cases are designed to prevent thefts of the valuable brass components that are exposed on the backflow preventer valves. Using a backflow enclosure security case will deter theft of the brass fixtures. Southwest Plumbing is able to assess the size of backflow cage your backflow preventer valve needs, and install it with all security concerns being addressed. If you have not yet had a backflow security cage installed on your backflow preventer valve, it would be a good idea to get one, before your backflow preventer valves are stolen.

The backflow preventer device prevents an accidental reverse flow from siphoning contaminants such as pesticides and fertilizer into the public water system. A typical backflow preventer sticks 12 to 18 inches out of the ground, or off the side of a house. The U-shaped assembly has copper pipes on either side, with a mechanical device in the middle. The intake pipe connects to the public water utility. The discharge pipe connects to the sprinkler system.

Thieves must hack through the pipes in order to steal the preventer. They usually cut the pipes where they meet the ground and walk away with the entire assembly. Scrap metal buyers pay top dollar for copper and brass.


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