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Are your leaving town for the weekend?

Maybe an extended leave from your residence?


It is important to address your working water when you leave your home for a period of time when no one will be around to deal with any plumbing issues. We have put together some tips to help you make decisions about your water when you home is empty.

1. You should locate the main water supply valve to your home and turn that to the off position so no water can enter the home. If there is a problem and a pipe breaks, or a seal leaks, possible due to being old and or acts of nature, then the main water supply will be shut off and water will be unable to continue flushing into the home through the problem area.

2. Once the main supply valve to the home has been shutoff, you can then flush the water through the pipes to make sure there is no lingering water. This is mainly done for the toilets.

3. For the landscaping irrigation, if the main supply valve to the home being shutoff would prevent the landscaping from getting its water, we can separate the two water feeds so when the home valve is shutoff, the main irrigation valve can remain on.

if you have any questions for needs regarding the issue of your home being vacant and you need service to get the shutoff valves located and or installed properly, please call Southwest Plumbing, 760-343-2345